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Posted by on May 24, 2018 in Articles, Our Blog | 0 comments

Important Tips For Escorts When Meeting New Clients

Important Tips For Escorts When Meeting New Clients

Most people consider escort business as risky. Besides, there is stiff competition which compels one to be very professional to obtain good returns, have a steady flow of clients, avoid bad clients, and entertain decent ones. Eve London escorts wants all of its escorts to make sure they know some important tips when meeting new clients:

Ensure to Uphold Your Professional Conduct

It is important that you maintain professionalism when handling clients. You need to be firm on payment and other agreed to terms with clients, but do not be rude.

Maintain Anonymity

Always endeavor to remain anonymous when dealing with clients. Refuse advances by clients to get your mobile phone number or address since this could make you fall prey to possessive clients. You do not want a client to become a stalker. Additionally, never carry any document that identifies you when going to meet clients.

Payment First

Always request the client to pay for your services prior to your meeting or the first thing when you meet them. Allowing them to pay you later puts you in a precarious position since they might default. Never put a client’s money together with your other earnings in front of anyone to avoid exposing how much money you have.

Be Safe

You should carry a limited amount of money with you. Having a lot of money in your purse makes you a target for robbery by your clients. Always ensure to inform your clients that you have someone waiting for you outside your meeting place. This will ensure that clients will behave since they know you are not alone. Ensure to let a relative or a close friend know your whereabouts at all time when meeting clients. Do not forget to let them know once you are through with a client and are safely home.

New Customers

Be very clear about the terms of your service with a client during the first call. Let them know about service, duration, and accepted payment methods. Collect all the information you can from the client as well to help you know their character and if they are worth your time. You will be able to tell whether a client is a security risk. Decline appointments with clients who you are uncertain about them.

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